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Hardware Specifications

Mobile Tower

The twineIT Mobile Tower photo booth is incredibly efficient. It draws only as much power as a 100W bulb (in a standard setup) and you can put up to 10 of these towers on a single standard 20A circuit!


standard configuration

With 1 iPad and 2 Bulbs:
1.36A, 103W

advanced configuration

With 2 iPad and 2 Bulbs:
1.47A, 112W


Additional Specifications:
Mobile Tower with no accessories: 0.1A, 5W 
Mobile Tower with 1 iPad (no lights) 0.3A, 18W

Accessories (Mobile Tower)

The following accessories work with the Mobile Tower photo booth.


LED Light Bulbs

designed by: twine.it
base: standard E26
draws: 40 watts
voltage: 12 volts*
produces: 4500 lumens
color temperature: 4000k

* WARNING: Not for use in standard light socket. Damage or injury may occur.


iPad Air 2

Apple's tablet mobile device
8mp rear / 1.2mp front camera
mobile tower fits up to 4 ipads


Branding Panels

16 translucent/backlit panels
custom branded (white label)
we can design or you can

Mobile Tower (dimensions)

The twine.it Mobile Tower photo booth stands tall with a small footprint.