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Hear what our customers are saying about the twineSTUDIO Photo Station and Support.

"Since owning the twineSTUDIO Photo Station, it has seen an event every weekend. Companies from all over the area including Harley Davidson shops, radio stations, business plazas, brides, and sweet 16’s, have been blowing up my phone, and I am already looking to purchase my second unit!”
Adam D
Moxie Photobooth
Pittsburgh, PA

"My first experience with twine.it was at my nieces graduation. It was so much fun and became the birth of my business Foto Station Live. The support I have received has been awesome !"

Amy Brown
Foto Station Live LLC
Tucson, Arizona

“We strive for uniqueness and innovation and twine.it offers features that set us apart from our competitors. It has allowed me to increase the package price as a DJ company.”
Carlos Perez-Molfulleda    
KP Music and Entertainment - Dj KPM
Orlando, Florida

"We love the ability to not only brand the booth itself in the lobby, but also the image with our Travel Brilliantly theme and #CoralvilleMarriott.”
Zak K
Coralville Marriott
Coralville, IA

“The twine.it team turned my unit around in just one week so I could do an event. This was extremely important because from that one event, we have already booked the same group four times!”
Getro JC
CAN Digital Group
Toledo, OH

"After seeing the booth, the staff moved me into a premium location at the crossroads of foot traffic from the bar area to the dance floor. The gig went great! Over the music, all I heard all night was, “ What is that?” followed by, “That is SO cool!” and the BEST thing, “Can I have your card?”
Mike D
MDE (Mike Dorn Enterprises)
Grand Rapids, MI

“Using twine.it has increased my revenue by $5,000 a month, and with very little effort! I’m getting more new and repeat business by adding the twine.it Photo Station to my list of services."

Tony Sande
ADA Studio
New York, New York (Long Island)